About Us

MRS is a network (IP) surveillance solutions provider. We are committed to bringing leading product offerings in fulfilling the demands in network surveillance technologies of business today and in the future. Since its inception in February 11, 2010, MRS has made its appearance in various industries through its valuable business partners and system integrators. Being attached to leading manufacturers, gives MRS an advantage to assist partners and end users in selecting the best products and right solutions to fit your needs.


MRS as a True VAD not only offers top-notch pick, pack and ship services, but also offers programs and services that add value to the distributed products that increase their value or worth.

We offer assistance pre-sale, through many means by allowing our re-sellers to design real-world solutions, allow re-sellers to produce professional quotes, proposals and a user friendly solution.

Our pre-sale and throughout the entire sales process, MRS team of sales professionals, including our resellers sales representatives, work together to provide first class customer service and support, making sure that every request and order is satisfied in a timely and professional manner.

It is this ‘high touch, fast response model’ that distinguishes MRS from competition. Additionally MRS sales reps are high trained and hold certifications for the top manufacturers represented. We take additional on-going training throughout the year to stay current on their certifications and new products as they are introduced.

We are truly is a Value Added Distributor !!!


Managing Director
MRS Resources Sdn Bhd

" Security and surveillance technology has advanced further and faster, all security and surveillance eco-system are converging along with the intent to configure fully integrated systems. This is the new direction for the security industry as digital technology has become pervasive across all product lines, opening the door to more software-oriented control platforms on the enterprise level. Closed appliance based solutions are rapidly been replaced by the open platform linking security devices for scalability, agility and elasticity "



Highly trained experts, have in-depth knowledge of IP video management, Video Analytic, cash management. We offer expertise in consultion of the security and bussiness requirements by the client


MRS Resources is capable to conduct and design training solutions to customers


Is a process or a set of activities normally carried out before a customer is acquired, though sometimes presales also extends into the period the product or service is delivered to the customer